Medical Office Technology

The medical office programs are designed to prepare you as a health career professional, assisting physicians/providers in various medical and business settings. It is recommended that you take a course in or have proficiency in working with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Outlook. Transfer credits are accepted from qualifying educational institutions; however, MOT 126, MOT 181, MOT 182, and MOT 184 are required to be taken at Red Rocks Community College. All program students must, at their own cost, complete and pass a criminal background check and health/drug screen a minimum of 60 days prior to enrolling in internships by using the current RRCC-approved background check and drug screen program. These background/drug tests are only good for 1 year. Internship must be taken within four months of completion of the final advanced program course – MOT 126 for medical office or MOT 131 for Billing & Coding. A minimum grade of C must be achieved for all program-required courses to proceed to internship and graduate with a certificate or degree and those classes within the MOT or MAP prefix must have a passing grade on all competencies. You should consult with the Medical Office Technology Director or refer to the website to ensure proper sequencing of courses and other educational options. Most MOT and MAP courses are not offered in the summer semester. Program completion time ranges from just over 1 1/2 semesters to two years. If your completion time is extensive and changes in requirements occur, you may be asked to retake courses for proper skill abilities prior to internship.


Medical Office

Medical Billing/Coding