Master's Degrees

Physician Assistant Studies

The Red Rocks Community College Physician Assistant Program is the only Master's degree-offering community college program in the U.S. The class entering Fall of 2017 was the inaugural Master's class.

In addition to the standard policies and procedures for RRCC, the PA Program maintains graduate policies. See PA Program Manual for further explanation:

MPAS Admissions

Applicants for the PA Program must apply through CASPA, pay all required application fees, hold a baccalaureate degree, have taken the required prerequisites, and have 2000 hours of paid, health care-relevant experience (see

MPAS Assessment

Graduate students are expected to achieve all passing grades and uphold professionalism standards as outlined in the PA Program Manual to progress within the curriculum.

MPAS Tuition

Tuition for the Master’s Degree is a flat rate tuition set for the entirety of the 27-month program each July by the SBOCCE Board.


Physician Assistant Studies Master's Degree