Journalism classes reside under both the JOU and MGD prefixes, and classes are held in the Multimedia Graphic Design department.

The prerequisite for all JOU courses: Basic computer skills.

Basic computer skills are defined as basic keyboarding; uploading and downloading files from the Internet and external devices; using the Web for basic research; sending email and attachments; basic file management; the ability to save information to a CD/DVD, flash drive, or external device; burning a CD/DVD; the ability to use the dock or start menu to open applications; create a new folder on the desktop or other location; and open files in an application.

Students without these skills are required to take MGD 101- Introduction to Computer Graphics either concurrently or prior to taking other courses in the MGD/PHO/JOU department. If MGD 101 - Introduction to Computer Graphics is not a requirement for your degree plan, it can be used as an elective course.