Resident Tuition Rates (Excluding Fees)

See Student Fees.


Resident Tuition Rates Tuition Per Credit Hour *COF Stipend Per Credit Hour Total Tuition Per Credit Hour
On-campus Classes $242.90 - $94.00 $148.90
Online Classes $357.20 - $94.00 $263.20
Nursing - On-campus Classes $318.00 - $94.00 $224.00
Nursing - Online Classes $432.30 - $94.00 $338.30
Bachelors of Applied Science (BAS) in Water Quality Management - On-campus classes $344.15 - $94.00 $250.15
Bachelors of Applied Science (BAS) in Water Quality Management - Online Classes $344.15 - $94.00 $250.10
Master's Physician Assistant (MPAS) - On-campus classes 2017 Cohort $543.80 no deduction $543.80
Master's Physician Assistant (MPAS) - On-campus classes 2018/2019 Cohort $560.10 no deduction $560.10

Colorado state law defines the conditions that qualify you for in-state tuition. Your initial classification is based on information you supply on the Application for Admission. You must live in the state of Colorado for 12 consecutive months before you can apply for reclassification to resident status. The Petition for Residency Reclassification is available in the Admissions Office.


*College Opportunity Fund (COF)

COF is a state-funded program that provides a per-credit subsidy for undergraduate residents attending state-supported and participating private colleges and universities. This money, referred to as the COF stipend, is applied to an in-state student’s tuition, provided the student applies for and authorizes its use. The college you are attending will receive the money and it will appear as a tuition credit on your bill. COF rates are set annually by the Colorado General Assembly. If you do not apply for COF funding, you are responsible for both the student share and the state share of all tuition and fees. (You need to apply for COF only once, and you must authorize its use.) Please review your bill each term to ensure your COF stipend has been correctly applied to your account.