Park Ranger Technology

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The Park Ranger Technology (Recreation Management) Program provides training for those seeking careers in natural resource protection, interpretation, and management. Law enforcement, natural resource interpretation, public safety services, and outdoor recreation/education are the major areas of concentration, reflecting the needs of the industry and potential employment in all levels of government as well as private companies. To become a full-time professional Park Ranger, most hiring agencies have three basic requirements: 1) a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning; 2) basic park ranger knowledge and skills; 3) seasonal park ranger employment experience. The Park Ranger Technology certificate programs are designed around all agency requirements and allows you to design a program around specific interests, career goals, and previous training or education, and is appropriate for the following individuals:

  • Students with a high school diploma, or some college, wishing to begin a program of study to prepare them for employment as a professional Park Ranger. In addition to the Certificate of Concentration, the program advisor will help you design an appropriate two-year associate degree that can be transferred to a four-year institution.
  • Students seeking part-time or full-time seasonal employment as a Park Ranger with an agency (local, state, or federal) which may not require a four-year degree. Students must first consult with the program advisor before beginning any program of study.
  • Students who already have a four-year degree in an unrelated field and who wish to make a career change.


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Park Ranger Technology