This program provides basic entry-level and job upgrade skills. This certificate was created in partnership with industry associates and The Department of Labor. It addresses the need of most contractors for multi-talented employees that can handle varied tasks with confidence. It is also intended to assist in the preparation of plumbers for successful completion of state plumbing exams. Completion of plumbing-related coursework at Red Rocks Community College can replace the field experience (work under a master plumber) required to qualify to take the exams as follows: one hour of classroom training equals one hour of on-the-job training up to a maximum of one year.

Specialized and job upgrade courses (for example, PLU 207 International Plumbing Code, PLU 247 Hot-Water Heating Systems) will continue to be taught as stand-alone courses.

Please see Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration; or Carpentry for additional degrees and certificates under this category.

Students should call 303-914-6306 for advising.


Plumbing Service