Associate of Science (AS)

AS Degrees with Designation (DWD)

The state transfer agreements for the following degrees can be found at the Colorado Department of Higher Education website:







The above degrees have state-wide articulation agreements with all public four-year colleges and universities in the state. Those who complete an AS degree and the prescribed curriculum in the articulation agreement and are admitted (with no academic deficiencies that require additional coursework) to a receiving institution participating in this agreement are guaranteed the following:

  • Junior standing with no more than 60 remaining credits to meet the graduation requirements for a baccalaureate degree in the degree program covered by this articulation agreement.
  • Completion of the receiving institution’s lower division general education requirements as defined by the GT Pathways curriculum.
  • The same graduation requirements as those who begin and complete this degree program at the receiving institution found on the degree requirement checklists. Upon completion, your transcript will indicate your designated degree.

AS Degrees

The Associate of Science degree (60 credits) is for those who intend to transfer to a four-year college or university and want an education with a science-related emphasis. To earn the Associate of Science degree, you must first complete the state-designated general education requirements for a total of 38-42 credits. Other suggested courses are found in the individual catalog subject areas.

Areas of Study:

Computer Science