French AA Designated Degree Requirements

Courses that Fulfill General Education Requirements (31 credits)

(Written) Communication

ENG 121English Composition I: GT-CO1


ENG 122English Composition II: GT-CO2



ENG 122English Composition II: GT-CO2



GT Pathways Course(s)GT Pathways-approved GT-CO3 course


Total Credit Hours:6


One GT Pathways Mathematics course (GT-MA1), but not MAT155 or MAT156.

Prefer MAT 120 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts.

Total Credit Hours:3

Arts and Humanities

FRE 211French Language III: GT-AH4


FRE 212French Language IV: GT-AH4


GT Pathways Course(s)One GT Pathways Arts and Humanities course (GT-AH1, GT-AH2, GT-AH3, GT-AH4)


Total Credit Hours:9


One GT Pathways non-U.S. History course (GT-HI1).

Note: CSU-Ft. Collins requires two non-U.S. History courses.

Total Credit Hours:3

Social and Behavioral Sciences

One GT Pathways Social and Behavioral Sciences course (GT-SS1, GT-SS2, GT-SS3)

Total Credit Hours:3

Natural and Physical Sciences

Two GT Pathways Natural & Physical Sciences courses (SC1, SC2). One of these courses must have the required laboratory (GT-SC1).

Total Credit Hours:7

Additional Required Courses (10 credits)

Please note: if these credits are not required for the major at a receiving 4-year institution, they will be applied to the Bachelor’s degree as elective credit towards graduation. Please check with the receiving institution to determine in which way these courses will be applied.

Additional Required Courses

FRE 111French Language I


FRE 112French Language II


Note: FRE111 and/or FRE112 may be waived, based on a student's proficiency level.


Total Credit Hours: 10

Electives (19 credits)


For specific information, please consult an advisor in the Advising Center. Transferability depends on the receiving four-year institution. Additional courses may be transferable. See approved AA Electives in AA Degree Requirements.

Please note: It is recommended, but not required, that a student take either COM 115 Public Speaking or COM 125 Interpersonal Communications.

Total Credit Hours: 19

Total Credit Hours: 60