Emergency Notifications

Emergency Notification Settings for Students and Staff

Students and staff have the option to be included in the Emergency Alert Notification List, for time when emergency conditions or bad weather require either of the RRCC campuses to be closed. The notification settings can be found under the Welcome tab at "The Rock." Please enter the phone number(s) you would like to include in the Emergency Alert Notification List. In the event of a campus closure due to weather or an emergency due to an imminent threat, you will be notified immediately. You may update your phone numbers at any time.

Red Rocks Community College is exempt from the State Inclement Weather Policy and our campuses may remain open while other state government offices close. If either campus is to be closed for an entire day, every effort will be made to reach a decision by 5:30 a.m. If a campus is to close for the evening, every effort will be made to have a decision by 4:00 p.m.

As an expanded way to communicate during emergencies, RRCC provides text messaging notification. Text messaging will only be used to communicate our emergency messages. In order to receive an emergency text message, you must request or opt-in to the program, and you must have elected text messaging as an option from your phone service provider. If you would like to receive text messages from RRCC for emergency messages, check the box. By checking the box, you are agreeing to all charges incurred by your phone service provider.