Scheduling Options (Red Rocks Options)

Accelerated Courses

An accelerated course takes the content from a traditional 15-week, 3- or 4-credit class and compresses it into a shorter time frame. Accelerated classes are 3 or more credits and meet for less than the traditional 15-week semester. Classroom and online classes are available.

Accelerated classes are designed to meet the needs of busy professionals and students with active lifestyles. Characteristics of successful students include:

  • Excellent time management skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to learn on their own
  • Commitment to their education

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses at RRCC are courses that combine on-campus classroom instruction with online learning components and/or out-of-class activities. Hybrid learning is for students who wish to combine the flexibility of face-to-face instruction with activities such as online collaborative discussions, group projects, and/or other out-of-class assignments. In a Hybrid course, traditional face-to-face instruction will be reduced but not entirely eliminated. Internet access is required for the online course activities.

Hybrid Traditional Courses

A class that has both in-person and remote learning elements, with the frequency of in-person learning based on instructional needs. Traditional hybrid courses will require students to be on campus and face-to-face for a portion of their coursework and engage with the remainder remotely asynchronously (the other days of the week will not be published in the schedule of classes).

Hyflex Courses

A class that is taught as in person and online simultaneously and is considered multi-modal, such that each student can either choose their mode of engagement in the course for the day or will be assigned a mode of engagement for that day by their instructor. That is, in some cases, students can choose to attend face-to-face meetings or participate fully online, and they may be able to choose to go back-and-forth between these different modes of participation throughout the duration of the course. In other cases, students will be assigned a day to participate in person. Classes are conducted with high interactivity for both in-person and remote students simultaneously, where cameras and microphones are set up in the classroom to promote seamless interaction.

Online Courses

RRCC Online Courses

Courses through RRCC Online are taken anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Most courses follow a traditional semester schedule, and many also have accelerated seven-week online sections. They offer regular communication with faculty and fellow students who may be anywhere in the world. At the same time, you learn to use the Internet, chat rooms, and threaded discussions to enhance your learning experience.

You can register, pay, order books, attend class, and use library services online. If you do not have access to a computer, you may visit the Learning Commons on the Lakewood or Arvada campus to use computers.


CCCOnline Courses

Colorado Community College Online provides a centralized online program where you can take classes, earn a certificate, or even complete an associate degree from the community college of your choice. Meet with an RRCC advisor for details.

All courses taken through CCCOnline are associated with the Colorado community college of your choice within the state system. Choose RRCC as your home college, and your transcript will show your CCCOnline courses as RRCC courses.

Information: 888-800-9198 or

Remote Courses

A class that has remote both online and remote learning elements. The course will meet online synchronously (the day(s) of the week will be published in the schedule of classes). Instructors and students log-in on specific days and times for class. Remote classes should meet during the scheduled times. There is no on-campus presence. Accurately scheduling courses and seat time equivalencies is required for accreditation.

Self-Paced Courses

Working with an instructor, students will design their own schedules. Self-paced courses provide flexibility and the opportunity to study when students have the most time. Most instructors will meet with their students at the beginning of the semester, and then students will send assignments back and forth via traditional mail, drop-in, or email.

Students who are successful in self-paced courses:

  • Are self-starters
  • Work independently
  • Regularly meet deadlines
  • Have strong reading and writing skills
  • Are not looking for a social learning setting
  • Are highly motivated

Traditional Courses

Classes give the student a chance to participate in lectures and discussions. It provides the student an opportunity to develop relationships with fellow students and instructors.

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Weekend Courses

If you work, have a family, or want something interesting to do on Friday nights, Saturdays, and/or Sundays, Weekend classes are for you. You can work on a college degree, take classes for fun, or brush up on skills you need for your job. Many weekend classes can be completed in as little time as a day.