Fine Woodworking AAS Degree

The AAS degree in Fine Woodworking combines the skills of using power and hand tools to design and build fine furniture. You will be expected to develop portfolio quality work that demonstrates the ability to design and build original and reproduction pieces reflective of college-level work. Each course will challenge you to develop woodworking skills and specific traditional and contemporary techniques as you progress through the department.

The AAS degree includes 15 credits from General Education courses.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

FIW 1012Introduction to Woodworking


FIW 1004Elements of Design


FIW 1018Introduction to Turning


FIW 1025Finishing Wood


FIW 2001Furniture I - Table Making


FIW 2002Furniture II-Carcass Construct


FIW 2003Furniture III-Chair Making


BUS 1002Entrepreneurial Operations


FIW 2012Contemporary Furniture Making


Total Credit Hours:31

General Education Courses

See AAS Degree Requirements

Total Credit Hours:15

FIW Electives

Required additional 14 credits from the FIW prefix, not listed above. Courses to be chosen from a specific area of emphasis in: furniture making, cabinet making, wood technology. Please meet with your faculty advisor to discuss course options.
Total Credit Hours:14

Total Credit Hours: 60